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September 07, 2020


Our friends from the Boat Galley are great supporters of Marmara Imports.  Are you wondering what to get your cruising family member for the holidays? See their list of 11 great gifts for cruisers. Read More

In this article you’ll find three businesses owned by women sailors: Maggie Lee DesignsMarmara Imports, and 12° West



We were delighted to receive a rave review from one of our customers.  Her organization is fabulous! 

Voyage Into Healing’s focus is to introduce families with special needs to the healing environment of the ocean through a relaxing day or overnight trips on a sailboat. Check them out at their website BUT only after you read her review of Marmara Imports!

"In case anyone is on the fence about Marmara towels vs cheaper Turkish towels.... I had a guest bring me a Turkish tea towel gift, not a Marmara. I used and washed etc for over a month. Marmara towels are really absorbent the other (gift)... not at all, it kinda smears water around.. years of use and my Marmaras look new, absorb more than any other towels and dry really fast!"



We asked green bloggers to try one of our hand/hair towels and give us feedback about the products.  Here is what Green by Mercy had to say...

Hair Care by Mercy

Marmara Imports Organic 100% Turkish Cotton Towel* ($16) – A couple months back Marmara Imports introduced me to their organic turkish cotton towels and asked if I’d like to try one, to which I promptly said yes! They come in a variety of styles and colors and I picked out their color background South Beach hair/hand towel in the color Taupe which I am loving. You can also find these in larger sizes to use as a beach or bath towel. I’m a big lover of hair towels because they have significantly improved my hair health and reduced frizz which I am highly prone to. What’s wonderful about this hair towel, compared to something like the Turbie Twist, is that its material is completely smooth and won’t snag on hairs. It’s very absorbent and helps my hair to retain hydration and moisture while it dries, significantly reducing how frizzy my hair results in after it’s fully air dried. Plus, this chic towel looks great hanging in any room! If you’re in the market for a high performing/high quality hair towel that’s luxe but doesn’t skimp on safety, this is the route to go. Highly recommend these!"

Thanks, Mercy.  Glad you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Our latest convert to Marmara Imports products is a blogger/chef, Meg from Borrowed Heaven.  Here is a bit of an excerpt from her story: "To help keep my weekend morning moving and tidy I'm so excited to share my newest partner: Marmara Imports.  

I absolutely love Turkish towels for their versatility in today's lifestyle.  Marmara Imports sent me a variety of kitchen essentials: South Beach hand towel (navy/white), Aegean White hand towel (white/gray), Aegean Ecru hand towel (green/white). and a set of four Sea Green napkins, all of which I used during my scone-making.  I also love that they offer pillow covers, beach towels, and picnic blankets for every adventure you take. 

Molly Galler, the blogger from Popbobshop, is having a love affair with Marmara Imports products.  Take a look at her post:

Here is a bit from the blog.

Shop: Marmara Imports

I was recently introduced to two local business women, Carol and Susan, and felt inspired to share their story. Carol and Susan are the duo behind Marmara Imports. I was incredibly impressed by their products and I know you will be too. 

The Farmer's Stitch Blankets offer the softness of cashmere with the versatility of 100% raw, unbleached Turkish cotton. I am telling you, being wrapped in this blanket feels like wearing your favorite, coziest sweater. 

Carolyn and Dave, our live aboard friends, are talking about the Marmara Imports Farmer's Stitch Blankets and our softer than soft traditional Turkish towels.

Thank you, Carolyn and Dave.  Safe sailing!

Sarong Selfie

August 08, 2016


One of my friends has a similar living situation as I do (small apartment, not a lot of

space), and recommended I try out a Marmara Imports towel, as she had just gotten

one as well. I was enthused about the mission behind the business – buying eco-

friendly and fair-trade products is really important to me and I try to support

companies that value these ideals whenever I can. I tried my towel out for the first

time this week - It definitely takes some getting used to as a bath towel since it’s so

much thinner and not like the thick, terry-cloth ones I’m used to, but it dries so

quickly, which is amazing! I definitely see it as being a great beach towel because of

this. I also really like how little space it takes up – I think it would be great to take on

any beach vacation because you can literally just stick it into your beach bag (or

carry-on, if you’re on a flight) and it saves you so much room. Would definitely

recommend to anyone planning on a beach trip, or anyone that travels a lot in


PS – less important, but also doubles as a great sarong.


Kristian Beck

We are pleased to introduce newest intern at Marmara Imports, Kristian

Beck.  Kristian just finished her Business Management Degree at Boston University

with a focus in marketing. Her interests are writing, art, and music, and she

currently work on social media marketing with several Boston bands, and that’s

part of what  Kristian will be helping us with.

At 23,  Kristian has been a vegetarian for nearly 9 years, and is a firm believer

in trying to lessen our environmental footprint on the world. She tries to only buy

eco-friendly, organic, and fair-trade products when possible – so it really is a perfect

match. Here’s what  Kristian told us when we interviewed her: “what I love about

Marmara Imports is that your products show that you don’t have to sacrifice quality

for ethics. This is a message that I consider so important, and want to share with as

many people as possible.”