Kristian Beck

We are pleased to introduce newest intern at Marmara Imports, Kristian

Beck.  Kristian just finished her Business Management Degree at Boston University

with a focus in marketing. Her interests are writing, art, and music, and she

currently work on social media marketing with several Boston bands, and that’s

part of what  Kristian will be helping us with.

At 23,  Kristian has been a vegetarian for nearly 9 years, and is a firm believer

in trying to lessen our environmental footprint on the world. She tries to only buy

eco-friendly, organic, and fair-trade products when possible – so it really is a perfect

match. Here’s what  Kristian told us when we interviewed her: “what I love about

Marmara Imports is that your products show that you don’t have to sacrifice quality

for ethics. This is a message that I consider so important, and want to share with as

many people as possible.”

Sinfully luxurious is how the blog at the Boat Galley described Marmara Imports towels.  Take a look and see what Carolyn has to say about us.

It’s been an exciting year for Marmara Imports, and we want to share some of the highlights with you.

This time last year we were in Turkey. We stopped first in Istanbul staying in our favorite hotel, the Neorion,, recovering from the 10-hour flight – we’re not as young as we used to be! Then on to Babadagh via a 1-hour flight to Izmer and a 4 plus hour car trip thru the mountains to our business partner’s atelier where we spent the better part of a week choosing colors and designs for new products.

Our next stop the Maison & Objet Show,, in Paris where our business partner was exhibiting – all we can say is WOW! Should you ever have an opportunity to go – do! And if Paris seems too far away then head for Miami – Maison & Objet will exhibit in May 2016, coming to the Americas for the second year in a row.

April saw us at the Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. Our third year for this show and three is the charm as we had good weather, good food, met nice folks and had a great show!

May and June we started receiving all the products we had ordered and immediately realized we needed storage space beyond our basements! So now we have a warehouse but find we need a more robust inventory system…. ahhh, the life of a small business owner.

Summer arrives and so does the Wellfleet Artisan Market, where we set up a tent every Tuesday selling towels to those lucky enough to spend a week or two on the Cape doing ‘the season.’ One of our best customers is a new shop in town called ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ - she has our beautiful towels flying out her door!

Mid August finds us in Rockland, Maine for the Maine Boats, Home and Harbor Show it’s our first year doing this show and we’re delighted. Rockland, for those who haven’t been lately, has become a real ‘foodie’ town, (if you are in the area try and also has some nice galleries.

September we put on our boat shoes and headed for Newport, RI and the Newport International Boat Show,, WHY? Because our towels are just perfect for boaters – fold flat, highly absorbent, and dry quickly! And, we’ve got them in great nautical colors! Continuing the theme we ‘sail’ to Annapolis early October for the Annapolis Fall Sailboat Show – where we see many of our repeat customers, get to wear our towels and foul weather to stay dry and imbibe some Pusser’s Rum to stay warm.

Late October we have a photo shoot on the Cape – anticipating a re-launch of our website complete with a SHOPPING CART! So please, put a few things in your basket and check out. Should you have any questions Carol or Susan are just a phone call away at 617-600-0591.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to family and friends who from the beginning have been a source of inspiration and help, and to our customers for their willingness to try a new product and thereby support us in our endeavor to offer exceptional, eco-friendly, fair trade textiles to the U.S. market.

This Month Fan Mail

December 17, 2015


New Photo From Our Customer The Purple Goose

Take a look at what our monograming customer in Florida, Doodlz, has sent to us! Great pic.


Paula and Trish

"You folks are great! I will bring a used (my personal) towel to the boat show.. They are just about my favorite item and most used and talked about! Have a wonderful day! " - Patricia Leat from Voyage into Healing, a program that takes disabled children sailing. Check out their website. They do amazing work.

I purchased a light blue Turkish towel in Swampscott. It's just wonderful.


Oh, thank you - the blue towel came in handy at the sprinkler!! Do you have a website? These are simply amazing and beautiful, I think I'll have to stock up. Thanks,


And a much belated thanks for the beautiful blanket. We are all loving it. The boys fight over who gets it every morning. Very cute. Thanks,


Lalay's Beautiful Booth

Come visit us in Miami Beach for the inaugural Maison et Objet in the USA. We will join our Turkish colleagues from Lalay, May 12-15, to showcase all of the gorgeous products from our Lalay partner. The Paris show was amazing and for those who have not been to a Maison et Object show you will be impressed by all the products available and the many unique items that we do not see in the US. The show is in the Miami Beach Convention Center and who doesn't need a bit of warm weather after the winter of 2015!

Visit the site at

April 2015

April 05, 2015


Back in Annapolis April 24-26 at the sailboat show.

If it's spring then we must be going to Annapolis for the sailboat show. Come see us and enjoy the quaint capital of Maryland. The boats are gorgeous, the food is excellent and hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny!


February 11, 2015


Robes, Towels, and Table Cloths with hand stamped block prints