Introducing Kristian

Kristian Beck

We are pleased to introduce newest intern at Marmara Imports, Kristian

Beck.  Kristian just finished her Business Management Degree at Boston University

with a focus in marketing. Her interests are writing, art, and music, and she

currently work on social media marketing with several Boston bands, and that’s

part of what  Kristian will be helping us with.

At 23,  Kristian has been a vegetarian for nearly 9 years, and is a firm believer

in trying to lessen our environmental footprint on the world. She tries to only buy

eco-friendly, organic, and fair-trade products when possible – so it really is a perfect

match. Here’s what  Kristian told us when we interviewed her: “what I love about

Marmara Imports is that your products show that you don’t have to sacrifice quality

for ethics. This is a message that I consider so important, and want to share with as

many people as possible.”

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