Sarong Selfie

One of my friends has a similar living situation as I do (small apartment, not a lot of

space), and recommended I try out a Marmara Imports towel, as she had just gotten

one as well. I was enthused about the mission behind the business – buying eco-

friendly and fair-trade products is really important to me and I try to support

companies that value these ideals whenever I can. I tried my towel out for the first

time this week - It definitely takes some getting used to as a bath towel since it’s so

much thinner and not like the thick, terry-cloth ones I’m used to, but it dries so

quickly, which is amazing! I definitely see it as being a great beach towel because of

this. I also really like how little space it takes up – I think it would be great to take on

any beach vacation because you can literally just stick it into your beach bag (or

carry-on, if you’re on a flight) and it saves you so much room. Would definitely

recommend to anyone planning on a beach trip, or anyone that travels a lot in


PS – less important, but also doubles as a great sarong.


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