This Month Fan Mail

New Photo From Our Customer The Purple Goose

Take a look at what our monograming customer in Florida, Doodlz, has sent to us! Great pic.


Paula and Trish

"You folks are great! I will bring a used (my personal) towel to the boat show.. They are just about my favorite item and most used and talked about! Have a wonderful day! " - Patricia Leat from Voyage into Healing, a program that takes disabled children sailing. Check out their website. They do amazing work.

I purchased a light blue Turkish towel in Swampscott. It's just wonderful.


Oh, thank you - the blue towel came in handy at the sprinkler!! Do you have a website? These are simply amazing and beautiful, I think I'll have to stock up. Thanks,


And a much belated thanks for the beautiful blanket. We are all loving it. The boys fight over who gets it every morning. Very cute. Thanks,


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