Hair Care by Mercy

We asked green bloggers to try one of our hand/hair towels and give us feedback about the products.  Here is what Green by Mercy had to say...

Hair Care by Mercy

Marmara Imports Organic 100% Turkish Cotton Towel* ($16) – A couple months back Marmara Imports introduced me to their organic turkish cotton towels and asked if I’d like to try one, to which I promptly said yes! They come in a variety of styles and colors and I picked out their color background South Beach hair/hand towel in the color Taupe which I am loving. You can also find these in larger sizes to use as a beach or bath towel. I’m a big lover of hair towels because they have significantly improved my hair health and reduced frizz which I am highly prone to. What’s wonderful about this hair towel, compared to something like the Turbie Twist, is that its material is completely smooth and won’t snag on hairs. It’s very absorbent and helps my hair to retain hydration and moisture while it dries, significantly reducing how frizzy my hair results in after it’s fully air dried. Plus, this chic towel looks great hanging in any room! If you’re in the market for a high performing/high quality hair towel that’s luxe but doesn’t skimp on safety, this is the route to go. Highly recommend these!"

Thanks, Mercy.  Glad you enjoy our products as much as we do.

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